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Get this dress for FREE after posting a picture wearing the item on your social media pages. Instructions are below, first come, first serve.

1. Visit the item's link here and add to your cart.

2. Purchase the item. (Afterpay installment payment is not acceptable for this promo)

3. Reply to the "confirmed order" email and state "dress promo" in your response. Include your instagram and facebook usernames for us to follow up. Follow us on instagram (@seretailexpo) and facebook ( . 

4. Once you receive the item, please post a picture of you in it on your social media and tag us; we will then reimburse you the item's cost (less shipping). Please note that the post(s) on your social media account must be up for at least 48 hours for reimbursement. 

5. If you have any questions, please contact us at or via text only at 912-548-9963.



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