Rasta Print Umbrella Dress Set of 4

  • $109.00

Get colorful with this Set Of 4 Rasta Print Umbrella Dresses. These dresses are the Rasta colors of red, green, and yellow, adding vivid color to your wardrobe. The Rastafarian movement originally chose these colors after being inspired by the Ethiopian flag. Red represents the bloodshed of black people around the world who fought for equal rights, green represents the beauty of African land, and yellow represents the wealth of the homeland, Africa, particularly the gold. All together, these Rasta colors symbolize rebellion against oppression. Assorted designs representing different Afrocentric imagery. It is sleeveless with an asymmetrical hem. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear for all body types due to its loose, flowy structure. This dress works great as a casual outfit during the hot summer months when you want something breezy to wear. You can wear this dress as is or add leggings or jeans underneath. It even includes a head wrap for easy accessorizing. 

Made in India of 100% rayon. 

Will fit up to a 50” bust.


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